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Who we are
Executive History and Introduction
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Who We Are

Scaled Aviation Industries (Private) Limited is an Aircraft Manufacturer that is trying to become a successful aerospace company which provides advanced full support solutions within attractive pricing, hence assisting the growth of safer aviation, in the region.

Executive History and Introduction

Scaled Aviation Industries (Private) Limited was conceived in early 2001 with an idea to research, design, develop, manufacture, test, sale and maintain safe yet economical airworthy aircraft in Pakistan. After all required approvals and government clearances the Company was incorporated in 2006. We achieved the status of Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA) Approved Aircraft Manufacturer in 2011 becoming the first private sector aircraft manufacturer in Pakistan. Our first certified aircraft ‘Storm Rally 105’ has already been completed with 23% of technological deletion, has successfully been flight tested and has been issued with registration of AP-BKG on Pakistan Register. It is currently with Hybrid Aviation (Private) Limited where it is being used as a primary flight training aircraft.

As we gain experience, we intend to indulge in manufacturing of certified light transport aircraft of up to 10 seat capacity under the guidance of CAA and our parent manufacturer. The aircraft developed in this venture are intended not only to be sold locally yet they would also be exported to 14 neighboring countries, including the Middle-East and India, as our company has exclusive marketing rights. This venture has resulted in direct foreign technology investment of worth US$ 12 Million and would result in further transfer of technology over the years.

Our company is also involved in providing aero structural, hardware, software design, simulation, construction, testing, re-engineering and reverse engineering services to its defense sector clients.

Company Achievements

  • Became the first Private Sector Company in Pakistan to be certified by Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan as an Aircraft Manufacturer in 2011.
  • Became the first Company in South East Asia and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to make certified full composite S-LSA aircraft
  • Became the first Private Sector Company in Pakistan to conduct Test Flight Program for Certified Civil Aircraft
  • Achieved 23% of technological deletion
  • The only S-LSA Manufacturing company in Middle East to introduce certified all Composite Airframe
  • The only S-LSA Manufacturing company in Middle East and MENA region to incorporate fifth generation Glass Panel based Avionics on all Composite Airframe.