Vision, Mission and Core Values

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Company Vision
Company Mission
Company Core Values

Company Vision

To become a successful aerospace company which provides advanced full support solutions within attractive pricing, hence assisting the growth of safer aviation.

Company Mission

We understand that we must live our core values to achieve our vision.

Company Core Values

Integrity, honesty and credibility

These interdependent values make us a cultured human without which a successful team; leading to a successful business cannot be established.

Customer first

Building lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations yet honoring our commitments towards our company vision.


We focus on our factory output while delivering quality products and services to our customers, efficiently and on time.


We believe in constructive interaction within and between our team members, who mature while supporting others to grow, realizing success to be a team factor.


Safety is our foremost concern. We will not tolerate any compromise. Our concern for safety is demonstrated at every level of the organization and guides all our activities. We think ahead, speak openly if we make mistakes and learn from these. We accept our responsibilities and make a real contribution to flight safety and its further development.


Quality is our trademark hence tilting us to never settle for second best. We exert to provide our customers flawless quality of our products and services. We exert to exceed their expectations. We sets standards in our industry by demonstrating our performance, production, punctuality of delivery, availability and reliability of our services.


We speak openly and communicate clearly because we understand that exchange of ideas can lead to better products, correction of organizations and constructive learning.


We understand that being a responsible member of the society, we are not only bound to serve our customers but also have a responsibility towards the society we live in. We bear co-responsibility for the well-being of the local and global community and the health of its surroundings yet to operate within parameters that enable us to remain successful and competitive in the global marketplace.